For Maureen~

Maureen thinks her husband is the craziest person in the world for wanting to name their 2 day-old daughter “Pinkupinku”.

"I honestly think Pinkupinku is a cute name for our baby girl, babe," Sehun argues as he wraps his arms around Maureen’s waist the evening they got out of the hospital. The baby is already asleep and is now peacefully lying on her little crib as her parents stand in the middle of the bedroom.

"Honey we already named our dog Pinkupinku. You want our first child to have the same name as our dog?" Maureen says, holding her laughter in because her husband is being silly that it’s adorable.

"Fine, Sereen it is then." Sehun huffs, wrapping his strong arms around her waist.

Maureen smiles and nods, “Don’t worry. You can name our son whatever you like.”

"Really? Great. Now let’s make our baby boy." Sehun smirks, making her giggle but she is stopped shortly when he starts peppering her neck with butterfly kisses that make her eyes close and her heart flutter.


"Hm?" He hums as he latches his tongue on the sweet spot on her neck.


His lips are soft and warm against her skin and Maureen shivers from the sensation she receives. Sehun whispers to her ear, “baby i need you tonight.” He starts fumbling with the hem of her shirt, bunching it up and exposing her torso. “I want you, Maureen.” Sehun whispers huskily and he completely took her shirt off of her. Sehun groans when she grasp his hair and push him closer to her body, so she could kiss him hard, tongues clashing sweetly. He gently pushes his wife to where the bed is, hands tight on both sides of her hips as they kiss. Maureen’s legs hit the edge of their king-sized bed and Sehun pulls away from the kiss and m lays her down, removing his wife beater and showing his porcelain-like torso before quickly following on top of her. Maureen traces his chest down to his toned stomach with her cold fingers, truly amazed that this man, this beautiful man is hers to take. She doesn’t notice the loving look Sehun is giving her, completely dazed as he stares at his wife.

"I love you, Maureen," Sehun says softly. He does not wait for her reply, knowing fully that she will say those three words back without hesitation so he kisses her, kisses her passionately and makes her moan against his lips.

After a while, the clothes are finally removed and are now on the floor, with the couple sweating on top of the now messy bed. Sehun grunts as he pushes into her, eyes closing because of ecstasy and the feeling of being wrap around his wife’s familiar heat. Maureen clutches tight on his arms, legs around his waist as she meets his every thrust. Sehun bites her earlobe to muffle his own moans, going in and out a little too faster that makes Maureen’s breath hitch up.

"Sehun~ Sehun-ah…"

Her hands move from his arms to his hair, her own arms wrapping tightly around his sweaty neck. She feels so full and complete with Sehun inside her, filling her in with his length.

"Sehun, I’m c-close."

Sehun puts his elbows in between her head, supporting his weight so he won’t have to crush her down as he picks up his pace, moving in and out of her faster because she’s close and he wants to come with her. He can feel the burn on his legs, muscles already exhausted but he still moves quickly until he feels the heat pooling up in his stomach. He whispers her name, and he whispers I love you’s again and again until they both reach their climax together.

Sehun plops down on Maureen after coming down from his high, making her whine because he is heavy and sticky and still inside her. “Sehun, get up.”

"In a minute. I can’t feel my legs anymore," he says, face buried on her hair.

Maureen chuckles, “no one told you to go that fast. It’s all your fault.”

"Hm~ you liked it anyway," he replies, voice sleepy.

"I did. Now get off me and let’s clean up before you fell asleep."

"Alright," he grunts and pulls away, with Maureen whimpering as he slides out of her. He smiles as he sits up and offers his hand to her which she gladly takes.

"Thanks, Sehun-ah. I love you."

Sehun gives her one last kiss before pulling her out ot the bed and into the bathroom. “I love you too, mommy.”




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Yehet Yo
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“omgggggggg hunhan!!!!”
“오빠들 너무 귀엽다ㅏㅏㅏㅏㅋㅋ ㅋ”
“jusko lord”
“this is luhan basically confirming their relationship on instagram”
“selu shippers rejoice”

It hasn’t been 10 minutes yet and Luhan’s latest post on his Instagram have been receiving almost 700,000 likes and 400,000 comments. It garnered so much attention that it’s already trending on Twitter and fans are going crazy because of it. Chanyeol has commented several times teasing his hyung and his maknae and creating silly hashtags on the comments section, making EXO-L go even crazier.

"Hyung, why do you have to post it? Ugh!" Sehun whines again as he put his head on Luhan’s chest, both of them lying on the older’s bed as they ready themselves to sleep for the night. Luhan isn’t looking at him but instead on his Xperia Z2, eyes crinkling at the sides as he laughs at the comments their currently crazed fans are leaving on his post.

“‘Sehun looks so in love oh my god i can’t feel my chest anymore!’ Sehun-ah they can see through you!” Luhan says as he reads one comment from a fan, patting the younger’s hair with his free hand. Sehun trashes his legs and slaps Luhan’s hand away.



"Delete it!"

"No way."

"Come on."

"Please? Hyung, delete it!"

"Why? It’s cute. They love it!"

"I don’t! It’s embarrassing!" Sehun tries to snatch the phone from his hyung’s hand but fails when Luhan puts it on the bedside table and flips Sehun underneath him.

Luhan gently kisses Sehun’s nose as he traps him under his body. “Such a baby. My baby. Sehun, even if I delete it now, I’m sure they already have lots of copies of this video. They are that fast!”

"Hyung, do you know how much this change everything?"

"Wow, Sehun-ah, you sounded like Lee Soo Man Seonsaengnim there," Luhan laughs.

Sehun pouts. “What if they knew about us? The real us?”

The older sighs and flops back down to the bed beside Sehun. “I guess it will be okay? The way they ship us is crazy. Have you ever googled “hunhan” before? I had and I swear the things they have are overwhelming… And creepy. I think they will accept us. Sure, we might lose some fans here and there but others will still supports us and it will be so much better because by then we don’t have to hide ourselves in public like we do most of the time. I can kiss you like this when we are at the airport or on stage.” Luhan leans close to Sehun and captures his lips with his own, kissing his boyfriend sweetly to which the younger responds as quickly. Whenever he is being kissed by Luhan, Sehun feels like his heart is coming out of his chest, as if it is the first time instead of the thousandth time. Luhan never fails to make his heart flutter.

"Hm~" Sehun hums when they pull away from each other, and he grins as he sees Luhan’s eyes twinkling like he is staring at his most priced possession, which maybe Sehun is.

"What are you doing?" Luhan asks as Sehun grabs his phone and fixes his hair, opening the camera app and clicking the front cam while doing so. He angles the phone in front of hia bare face and scoots closer to Luhan.

"I’m going to post that I love you, too, hyung. What you said before you kissed me is very tempting that I want it to be real. So tomorrow at the airport when we leave for Beijing you can kiss me while we check in."

Luhan lets out a hearty laugh. “Alright, baby.”

Sehun poses for the camera, flashing his usual poker face and his signature V-sign, as Luhan smiles slightly with his head leaning so close to Sehun.

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Ohorat. Lu. 나도 사랑해.
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“putangina parangawa”
“i havent gotten over instagram user @luexolu’s post and now THIS?”
“ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 세후나 왜”
“My bias is gay. Hoorah!”
“took you long enough”

luexolu’s Instavid that made EXO-L’s world go chaotic is this:

The video starts with a black screen, and then a quiet background is heard, Sehun with his black snapback and striped shirt on is shown. He is sitting by the kitchen table, which is apparently in EXO’s dorm, a bowl of ramyun in front of him. He is eating the hot noodles with so much concentration, the noodles slurping every now and then, that he doesn’t notice someone taking a video of him. Ten seconds has passed until a voice that obviously belongs to Luhan speaks.

"Sehun-ah," he calls sweetly and the maknae looks up, surprised to see his hyung filming him.

"Hyung, what—-"

Luhan giggles. “Sehun-ah, saranghae.”


Yo yo yo~!
Hahaha short and uhm fluffy hunhan for all of you. I wrote this for idk 46 mins? Hahaha i had this on my mind for a long time now cos WHAT IF ONE OF THEM MISTAKENLY POSTS SOMETHING LIKE THIS AND THEN WE WILL ALL DAY AND IT IS HAPPY ENDING FOR EVERYBODY LMAO #DELU4SELU

Btw this is dedicated to my selu-spazzing partner Maureen. Hope you enjoyed it even if it’s so short. Don’t worry, fairy!sehun is coming…..soon!

Thank you for reading. Have a great day!